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Veterans and First Responders! That is who we're about!

Taking care of those who take care of us.

No more 22 a day!

Whether it's 22 a day or 2 a day, it's too many! 

Our Mission!

Our mission is to promote awareness, provide support, and contribute resources to combat suicide in veterans and first responders.


How it started!

There are certain events that inspire you to do something about a problem! For me, it was a hearing about yet another friend that had attempted to take his own life after a decade of service! This was a trend over years of hearing story after story of once feared men whom I had served with that looked death in the eyes and stared back with a fierce grimace of pride and patriotism. 

So I started talking about it and realized that more people need help or are struggling than I could ever have imagined; and finding out that there is not just one fix or solution to the problem. Every person is different, some need a professional, others need small talk with a friend on a camping trip! Whatever the case, I want to make it happen, and for Catch 22 to be a resource for those who have been willing to give it all up for what they believe in. I don’t care if it’s 22 a day or 2 a year... it should be ZERO!

Our Name

Why Catch22?...Two reasons.

1. People devote their lives to protect our great citizens and country...So many then struggle with things they've seen and had to do resulting in some of them loosing their lives to themselves. If that's not a "catch 22" what is?

2. In 2012, the VA released a study estimating that 22 veterans per day were committing suicide. That number has changed over the years but has gained traction in the fight against it. So lets "catch" them and stop the tragedy together!

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